Nunya Your Business

As the presidential election is right around the corner, there are lots of signs everywhere on peoples’ lawns. Sadly, this often sparks what I call the Hate Patrol. If they don’t like who is on the sign, then anything may happen from threats to burn down that person’s house or to beat you up.

Seriously? Everyone has an opinion, and that’s ok as we live in a free country. What is not ok is to cause damage to someone’s home just because they have a sign declaring who they are voting for. It’s not ok to threaten someone because of their beliefs.

While living in a free country is a wonderful thing, not everyone can agree on who they want as president. Voting is a private matter. Quite frankly, it’s nobody’s business who we vote for. Ever since I was old enough to vote, I never appreciated anyone asking me who I voted for.

The last time anyone asked me who I voted for, I always say “nunya.” The person asking will then turn their head to one side and say, “who’s nunya?” And I tell them that it’s nunya business.



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