A Day at the Beach

The Crankee Yankee and I took a break yesterday to go to Hampton Beach. It was just one of those days that made you want to take your shoes and socks off and walk on the warm sand by the ocean.

We had a great seafood lunch, and then parked so that I could take my time walking along the beach. Granted, in this part of the world you don’t often see many good sea shells, but I did pick up a tiny slipper shell.

When I went to Hawaii, I walked on Waikiki beach nearly every day. Often there were beautiful pieces of white coral that washed up on the shore, and I gathered a few to take home.

There is something both soothing and magical about ocean beaches. Not only do they sometimes surprise you with sea shells and beach glass, but the soft roar of the waves are both calming and soothing.

I have loved the ocean since I was a child. I still remember the first time I saw the ocean; I was about four years old. While my mother was putting a blanket on the sand, I ran right into the ocean right up to my neck. My mother hated water, but she jumped in to get me. Even then I knew two things: 1) I scared my mother, and 2) I fell in love with the ocean.

During these scary and annoying days, it’s a good thing to go somewhere to take our minds off how things are right now. The ocean is forever, and it always calms and soothes. The sound of the surf reminds me that some things are forever, and many things are not. Hopefully the pandemic will eventually leave us one way or the other.

But in the meantime, there is the ocean, the lakes and the rivers. Take some time to enjoy them, and remember that this current situation will eventually pass.



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