How Mom and Dad Became Mom and Dad

My mom and dad were meant to be together. Mom had gone through a divorce when I was quite young, and she and I moved into a small apartment in Maine. At the time, she was working at the local television station. Mom’s best friend, Lucy, told her that there was a handsome young man who had just been hired to do the news and weather.

His name was Ned Bullock, and he came from Mirror Lake, New Hampshire. He found out that there was a great job opening in the TV station in Bangor, Maine. He liked the sound of it, and drove up to Maine where he got the job as an anchor man. Mom’s friend thought that he would be perfect for my mother. However, Mom was pretty gun-shy after her divorce, and she told her friend that she was not interested in meeting the new young man.

Part of Ned’s job was to host a game show every Friday. On that day he would say a sentence but miss one word; people were to try and guess what the missing word was. If they called in with the right word, they got a prize.

Now Mom’s friend Lucy still thought that Mom and Ned would be perfect for each other. On that Friday, Mom’s car broke down, and Lucy came to get her. It was just the time when Ned would ask his listeners if they could guess the word and win a prize. Somehow Lucy had found out what the missing word was. She told Mom what it was and made her call it in.

Mom figured that nothing would come of it, so she called in. By this time Mom was getting tired of Lucy trying to introduce her to Ned. As they were already near the station, Lucy took Mom in and introduced her to Ned.

I don’t remember what the prize was, but on that day Mom met Dad and the rest is history. Some prize!

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