The Things We Do These Days

As the pandemic has changed our lives significantly, we are finding new ways to get through the days. For instance, the Crankee Yankee hasn’t cooked in a long time. But these days he has made his delicious stew, which we haven’t had in years. I still make tomato sauce, and hopefully today will be the last time I do it until next year.

We are watching shows we used to like, and have found that they are a good way to forget (if only for a few hours) about the pandemic. The Crankee Yankee and his train friends now have meetings on line; something new for the group. But this way they can stay in touch.

I still feed the “outdoorsies.” Most of them are stray cats (maybe they have homes; but they haven’t told me yet) and I don’t mind feeding them. In the very early mornings, it’s not unusual to see one or two skunks (who politely do not spray), the odd raccoon, and of course, cats.

Slowly but surely, I am going through things upstairs, such as boxes of Christmas ornaments, winter clothes, paintings and pictures, and things from my parents’ house. I often wonder how the things we inherited (plus our own stuff) will eventually end up in the future homes of our granddaughters.

All of this is a good way to stop worrying about the pandemic; we have lots to do and that will have to suffice until the pandemic finally packs up its nasty little bag and buggers off for good. Even though things are a bit strange now, it seems that we are all growing closer to each other, and perhaps valuing each other more.

I hope so.

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