“Oh, I’ll Just Save This For Something Special”

When my grandmother died, my mother and I did all we could to help my grandfather through his grief. He asked us if we would clean out my grandmother’s bureau drawers; he just couldn’t do it himself. Of course we told him we would.

The contents of the drawer were pretty much as you’d expect in an old lady’s things. There was jewelry, makeup, combs and brushes, stacks of letters, nightgowns and a brand new pair of black underpants with the tag still on it.

We both laughed and cried and then laughed again; my grandmother probably thought that the panties were to be worn only on a “special occasion.” That occasion never happened. I imagined her saying to herself; “oh, I’m going to save these; they are too good to wear right now.”

So there we were, folding the never-worn black underpants. We took them and almost all of my grandmother’s clothes and shoes to the church as they often collected clothes and shoes for those who needed them.

To this day it makes me teary about those “good” and never worn black panties. I always wondered if my grandmother thought that she wasn’t good enough to wear them herself. However, because of this my grandmother sent me a message that I’ve always remembered; I decided that I would always wear something special I bought for myself. What good is having something special when you don’t wear it or use it?

Wearing or using something “special” can make your day. There’s no sense in just keeping something like the black panties “just for special.” From that day on, I made it my business to thoroughly enjoy whatever I bought for myself. Just wearing or useing something new can not only lift your spirits, but it can also make you feel like the queen that you are; because YOU are something special.





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