I Hate Spiders

If you read Pam Kirst’s wonderful blog, “Catching My Drift,” you will have read what she says about spiders. Not a fan of them, and  either am I. I have hated spiders all my life; they just give me the creeps. My uncle, whom I always called “Unkie”–(sadly recently deceased, bless his sweet heart) really hated them. He often visited us for a week or two when I was a kid, and I always looked forward to his visits. Once when he was staying overnight at our house, he tucked me into bed, saying his usual ‘good night’; “there you are, safe and sound in your space ship. When you go to the moon and find out it’s made of green cheese, bring me back a slice.”

We both laughed, and he happened to look up on the wall, and saw a spider dangling down from the ceiling. Bravely he whacked it with his shoe, sparing me from a scary night. I thought he was heroic!

I do understand that spiders are not only useful, but their webs are works of art. While I admire this about them, what gives me the creeps is that they scuttle so! I think if they just strolled along at a slow pace I could feel less creepy about them. But even writing about them makes me shudder. If I find one in our house, I can’t go to sleep unless I’ve tracked it down and killed it.

It’s bad enough to have spiders of any size in the house, but at least in America we don’t have the huge ones that live in other countries. Can you even imagine a spider large enough to cover an entire window? Just the thought of it gives me the shivers.

As Pam Kirst mentioned in her blog today, the only spider she liked was Charlotte, of  the book, “Charlotte’s Web” by E. B. White. I did as well, and from then on always thought that if only spiders could talk to us, we might not be so creeped out about them. But then again, if they did talk, what if they asked us creepy things like, “hey, mind if I curl up in your mouth while you’re sleeping?” Yuck!!!

I really don’t enjoy killing spiders, but it becomes one of those “me or them” things, and I prefer that they are NOT in the house. If any spiders are reading this, I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings. Just stay out of my house and we’re good, ok?

One thought on “I Hate Spiders

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    I am happy to be in such good company, spider-attitude-wise, Jane!!!

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