Cats on the Keyboard

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of our five cats. They all have different ways of showing their love; it can be loud purring, or lapping my fingers or settling into my lap while I’m trying to read–and purring their heads off. It seems that their “special” time with me is exactly when I’m trying to write a post.

I think that they really believe that sitting on my keyboard will just make any post I have better. Even though they all have comfortable beds, tons of toys, and more attention than most famous people, they always want more. In fact, I’m sure that if Tom Hanks came knocking at our door, the cats would all turn their noses up at him. What they really want is all our attention all the time.

I do believe that somehow our cats have found out that in ancient Egypt cats were revered and loved by their kings and queens. As has been said many times before; cats have never forgotten this.

Their sense of intitlement is unbelieveable, too. If I happen to be eating a tuna salad sandwich, all five of them will sit and watch me eat until guilt takes over and I end up splitting the sandwich between the five of them. Then I have to run to the kitchen and make a quick sandwich for myself before the cats finish eating my first sandwich.

So it isn’t at all surprising that, when I am typing on the computer, that’s exactly when one or two or more of the cats show up and walk back and forth on the keyboard. This is a sample of what it looks like:


And that’s just one way they type their own messages on the keyboard. They can’t talk, but they sure can type!


One thought on “Cats on the Keyboard

  1. Alison Jolda says:

    My mother’s cat used to do the same thing. She would be typing and Jasmine would walk across the keyboard. Mom would just leave all the gibberish and let us know Jas was helping and said hello. LOL

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