Why Animals Have More Manners Than Some People

I have to wonder how some people were raised when I hear about “incidences” in parks, walking trails and so on. The incidences can be everything from throwing trash on the ground instead of putting it in a container or waste barrel. Some people who have picnics outside think it’s perfectly fine to dump the leftovers out on the ground with the idea that “the animals will eat it.” Evidently this too includes all the waxed paper, aluminium foil and paper bags and even bottles!

Worst of all, there are actually people who think it’s just fine to defecate right on a trail or in a park. Especially when in such trails and parks have bathrooms! Seriously, wild animals have more sense than that. You have to wonder what kind of people raised them.

Sometimes it seems like we humans are devolving into animals. If so, I certainly hope that our manners will be better.

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