Sauce, Sauce and MORE Sauce!

Well, we’ve done it again; we planted way too many tomato plants in our garden; cukes, too. As we always do, we put out a large basket full of cukes and tomatoes with a big sign that reads: “fresh veggies; help yourself!” (Quite frankly, when people stop by and take some, they are doing us a favor!) And people do, once they get used to the idea that we don’t expect them to pay for the cukes and tomatoes.

The Crankee Yankee made a huge jar of pickled cukes; which by the way are absolutely delicious. My job is using up the tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce. So far I’ve made six big containers of it. Thankfully we have a large freezer, so we will be eating that sauce all winter long. It could be worse; we could have planted zuccinis and you know how fast they grow. Worst of all, there are not many good recipes for them either.

I actually don’t mind making the tomato sauce, but it does take time. First there is cleaning the fresh tomatoes, then chopping them up. Then I pull out my largest pot, drizzle some olive oil in it, plus some salt and pepper. Then I chop up one or two large onions and toss those in the pot, as well as chopped fresh garlic and add that in. Then in go the chopped tomatoes. After that, I add a large can of tomato sauce, a dollop of red wine and a bit of sugar. Once the whole mess has cooled down, I grab my Cuisinart Quick Prep (check it out; it is soooo handy!) and stir it all up.

When winter sets in, it’s both comforting and delicious to enjoy all that sauce from our very own tomatoes. And each winter we promise each other that we won’t plant so dang many tomatoes and cucumbers. But every spring we wait for the sunny days to plant (you guessed it) MORE tomatos and cukes.

I guess we just can’t help ourselves.


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