The Hardest But Most Loving Thing

We love our pets; they become family to us. We love them for who and what they are. We may have gotten our pets as puppies or kittens, or older dogs and cats. In any case, we love them for who they are and what they mean to us.  We get used to their ways, and they get used to us.

We know what they like to eat, we know what toys they like, we know how they like fresh water every day, and we know how we love it when they snuggle in bed with us at night.

We know that there are some “people foods” that they just love, and being the softies that we are, we always slip them some of those foods. We love to watch them play with their toys, and we laugh when they start tearing around the house for no particular reason that we can see.

Some of us got our pets as babies. Some of us found our pets living on their own outside; in our case, if we can find their owners, we let them know. But if we can’t find the owners, we adopt the strays. We take them to the vet to get their shots (rabies especially!). We make sure that our pets have good cat/and or dog food, and often we slip them food from our dinners because they are very cute when they beg.

But then the time comes when our pets are old; some are suffering. They know when it’s time to go; it is we who have the hardest time letting them go. If our pets could talk to us at that point, they would probably say ‘this body no longer works for me.’ Nothing is harder then taking them to the vet for the last time. We hold them close, whisper in their ears how much we love them and what a good boy or girl they are.

It is so hard to lose a pet in any circumstance. But when our pets are old and often suffering, it is kindness itself to set their sweet souls to rest. It is love itself that we deliver our pets to the relief that they deserve. It’s so much easier to not have a pet and go through the heart-breaking sadness of losing them. But having a pet is joy itself. Even the sad ending of a precious life when we hold them in our arms for the last time; it is all worth it.

When that time comes, we have to remember that while it is the hardest thing to let our precious pets go, it is also the most loving thing.



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