9/11 – Lest We Forget

I think that everyone remembers where they were when 9/11 happened. Our world stood still and it changed our lives forever. At that time I was living in Texas, and the Crankee Yankee was in New Hampshire. As I stood in line to give blood, we both were on our phones talking with each other and trying to understand how this horrific event happened.

All I could think of was that this was our own Pearl Harbor. Nothing like this had ever happened to us in America. We were in both shock, terror and anger that day. So many innocent people died needlessly. Who can forget that poor woman jumping out of the towers, modestly holding her skirt down?

And there were so many people who were late to work that day; a mother had to go back home because her little girl wet her pants and had to be changed; and the stories went on and on. Imagine how they felt about the people they worked with that day who died.

I am still ashamed of how I felt when I went into work that morning; the first person I saw was a man from the middle east who worked with me. My first feeling was anger and shame; anger because his people did this, and shame because he himself did not do this.

9/11 changed us all in America. Even today, we know that anything can happen to us at any time. When we all got back on our feet again, we found that we didn’t need to hate all people from the middle east. Many of them were as horrified as we were. As with us in America, we were changed forever.

Today is a day of remembering.



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