In the Early Morning

The Crankee Yankee and I are morning people (probably because our five cats want their breakfast pronto). It’s always dark when we get up, and once we’ve fed the indoor (and outdoor) cats, we settle in with coffee and the news of the day.

Funny thing about early mornings; it is so quiet. As the morning progresses, we get to hear the first bird song before the sun rises. Later on, there will be cars and trucks going by, people walking and jogging up and down our street and so on. We raise our cups of coffee to them and chuckle about not having to do a damned thing but enjoy the sun rise.

We are grateful not to have to be anywhere but where we are. Being retired, we don’t have to do a damned thing unlness we want to. It’s a different part of our lives now, but quite frankly, I do not miss running around in the morning in order to get to work on time.

This is the time of our lives when we can enjoy our hobbies, work on the house, pick the cucumbers and tomatoes from our garden, and fill up the birdfeeder. Speaking of which, not only do the birds enjoy the birdseed, but the squirrels do as well. There is only enough room on the feeder for one squirrel to eat up some of the birdseed, but it doesn’t stop another squirrel from trying to get up there and get his (or hers) breakfast, too. This then turns into a squabble which is pretty good morning entertainment.

After years and years of going to work every day, these wonderful non-working days are a gift. We get to do whatever the hell we want to; especially being able to enjoy the new morning and sip yet another cup of coffee.

Good morning all!


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