How Did We Get to This?

The news these days is pretty disheartening to say the least. Just the riots alone and the looting is beyond belief. How does trashing someone’s store, stealing things from a store, or getting into someone’s face at a restaurant—how does this help anyone or anything? Personally, I think that a lot of this behavior is, at this point in time, because they can. 

As people of my age who grew up with parents who held us accountable for any wrong-doing would say “you made this mess, now clean it up!” If you picked flowers from a neighbor’s garden without asking first, you would be sent over to their doorstep right away to apologize and make it right. The lesson from that alone would sink into our tiny little brains that we did wrong. Our parents set the rules and we followed them. If we didn’t, there was always a price to pay.

These days are very different from those days. I have to wonder if the people who are rioting and robbing know better, but do it anyway “just because we can.” How does that make anything right? What kind of a message is this, and what does it say about the people who are doing this?

I get it that I am an old fart coming from another time and place. Back then, you just didn’t do things like that. If you did, you had to make it right. When I was in high school, someone put my brand new suede shoes in the toilet. They of course were ruined. My parents, especially my mother, were furious. It turned out that the girl who did it was the child of the local trash man. To make it right, he picked up our trash for free for a month.

I have to wonder how and where these looters come from and how did they grow up thinking that they could do whatever they wanted to, no matter who it hurt, or in this case, who lost their businesses because of looting and destroying? Are parents no longer parenting any more? Are we not teaching children that you just can’t do whatever you feel like? Has no one ever told these people that there are consequences for what they do?

It’s a pretty sad old country we are now in.


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