What Kindness Does

Ever have a day where you feel useless, stupid and unworthy? We are so sure that we are doing everything wrong. We beat ourselves up because we are humans and we make mistakes. Of course, we don’t want to make mistakes, but we do anyway. The worst of it is that we feel we are so imperfect that those we love will not love us back.

But then there is kindness. When we feel that we have screwed up royally, our loved ones remind us that we are worthy of being loved. They let us know that we are only human and that we will at some time screw up royally. This is the very essence of kindness.

Kindness takes the nasty edge off of feeling stupid and unworthy. Kindness is a grace and a comfort. We are all human and imperfect beings; that’s just how we are made. We have no problem being kind to other; why can’t we be kind to ourselves?

Over the years I’ve found that talking out loud to myself (that is, when no one else is around) is not only helpful, but it makes us remember that we are actually good people who sometimes screws up; that’s just human nature. We are quick to forgive our family and friends; we need to forgive ourselves as well.

That’s where kindness fits in; if we can be kind to ourselves, we can not only forgive ourselves, but learn from it as well.

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