The Dark of the Morning

The Crankee Yankee and I are early risers; 1: because we have five cats who want their breakfast pronto, and 2: we both like to see the sunrise. Each cat has a different way of letting us know that, even though it’s dark as a pocket, breakfast needs to be served. (And yes, I know what you are thinking; we are idiots.)

There is something about getting up before the sun. Not only do we feed our cats, but when daylight shows up, I go outside to feed the “outdoorsies” (stray cats and the occasional raccoon). Once everyone (inside and out) has had their breakfast, it’s time for me or the Crankee Yankee to walk through the garden and pick cucumbers and tomatoes. PS: if you are in our area, we have a table at the end of our driveway. On it is a big basket of tomatoes and cukes; help yourself!

Once all the critters (inside and outside) are all fed and watered, it’s time to bring our cups of coffee out on the front porch and watch the sunrise. We get to enjoy the first bird who starts singing, we can watch the ducks fly overhead to wing down to the pond, and best of all we enjoy each other’s company while sipping that first lovely cup of coffee.

Even though we are headed for fall (another beautiful season!), it’s a pure pleasure to enjoy the garden, the birds, and the sky. We both are very glad that we are retired, and can do whatever the hell we want to. We often lift our coffee cups to the younger folks who drive by to go to work. Then we laugh our heads off becasue we don’t have to go to work!

It’s a funny thing; when we are young and have all the energy in the world, we think we will always be that way. However, when we get older and we don’t have to work anymore, it is a lovely change of life. The trick is to enjoy each day, each sunrise, each rainfall, each season. These days we can pick the cucumbers and tomatoes from our gardens, we can feed the birds and squirrels, and make sure that our outdoor kitties have plenty to eat as well as warm shelter in the cold.

It’s a pretty nice life, especially in the dark of the morning.


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