Notes From My Mother

Although my mother has been gone six years ago, she is always in my heart and in my mind. She was a teacher to me; she wanted me to know how to cook, bake, iron clothes, clean a house, how to wash a wool sweater without having it shrink and much more. I recently found a letter she wrote to my favorite uncle (who left this earth recently) when I was just a baby. In it she mentioned me as “Baby Chick.” Now I never would have known that if it wasn’t for that letter.

Isn’t it sadly funny that we find these things only when our loved one is gone? Every time I find something that Mom wrote I have to smile; her hand writing was lovely. It’s almost as if she knew that someday I would find things that she wrote and remember her. After all this time I still miss her.

Mom always put family pictures in scrapbooks, and I am thankful that she did. In those scrapbooks there are not only pictures of she and Dad and myself, but also aunts and uncles and grandparents as well. When I’m feeling blue, going through those scrapbooks puts me back in those times. I always find myself laughing and often shedding a tear or two.

Our mothers and fathers are our guiding stars; we tend to do the things that they did because of them. When I was on my own and sharing an apartment with my best friend, we had a little argument about where to put the dishes and glasses in the cupboard. We finally realized that we were both thinking that we had to put our dishes and glasses exactly where our mothers put theirs! After we laughed our heads off, we put our dishes and glasses where we wanted.

To this day I remember fondly so many things Mom said and did. Finding little notes of hers makes me feel that she is still around me. I think that our loved ones do keep an eye on us, which is always comforting to me. It’s both sad and funny that we realize how much our mothers and fathers have made such an influence in our lives. To this very day, I still wash my wool sweaters just the way Mom did.
































































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