The Lists in Life

I wrote this quite a while ago, but it still stands.


Isn’t it strange how we used to remember everything and then all of a sudden, we can’t. When we are out on our own, living in our own place, being in a job and so on, it seems we can do it all. At that time in my life, I didn’t even need to write a grocery list; it was all in my head. I could do several things at once, and do them well. Shoot, I could even keep up a telephone conversation while ironing my clothes and putting my groceries away.

Oh boy—those days are long gone. When I make a list of things we need, I make sure that I check the cupboards, refrigerator, drawers and so on so I don’t miss anything. The Crankee Yankee often says that I have lists to remember lists. And you know, he’s right. While our brains are still in working function, we do tend to forget a few things.

So instead of worrying about this, my way of managing is to make lists. Grocery shopping? Make a list. Cleaning different areas of the house? Make a list. Giving any of the cats who need meds now and then; you got it—make a list. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, and it certainly doesn’t mean that we are “losing it.” It’s just part of getting older and it’s nothing scary.

I have a list for our one cat who needs medications every third day. I have a list for the supplements I take along with my own meds too. This way I don’t wonder “did I or did I not?” Seriously, list-making is just plain effective and is not a harbinger of “losing it.” As one of my dearest friends always says, “it is what it is.”

Besides, those lists in life are pretty handy. And it doesn’t matter a hoot if you have your list written on a piece of paper or on your smart phone. It will save you a lot of frustration to just make the list already; this way you won’t smack yourself on the forehead when you see that you forgot to pick up the <insert desperately needed thingy here>.

It is what it is.

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