The Great Gift of Friends

The older I get, the more I love and cherish my friends. Most of us got to know each other in grade school; some of us found friendship in the work place and so on. Some friends stepped into our lives like beautiful angels. Sometimes we even marry them. In any case, they are a blessing in our lives.

Sometimes we lose touch with our friends, and we realize too late that we let them go because of an argument, a difference of opinion or some other trivial thing. Sadly we are often too proud to make things right. Is it really so much more important to be stubborn than it is to ask forgiveness?

Even if we cannot agree to disagree we still hold those friends in our hearts. Whether or not we ever speak to them again, we still keep a place in our hearts for them. There are many reasons why we keep or abandon a friend; sometimes it’s our fault, sometimes it isn’t. We have to decide if it is worth keeping our pride (usually foolish) or going to our friend to apologize–even if we feel we didn’t actually drop the friendship.

But once a broken friendship mends, it is amazing how it changes us. We feel that a great weight has slipped off our back and we feel free again. We realize that it doesn’t matter who said what; it’s all water under the bridge. Once we can do that, we are free and our friendship can begin to heal.

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