How to Keep Your Purse Safe

I wish I had a dime for every time I’ve been in the grocery store and have seen women who have left their purses open in their carts. It is incredibly easy for someone to snatch that open purse and walk off with it, or simply take the cash out and walk away. If this sounds like I don’t trust my fellow man, you’re right; I don’t. Either take the purse with you or zip it up and keep your hqnd on it as your push your cart.

Here’s another thing to be watchful for: when you gas up your car, lock your doors (keep your keys on you of course). If you leave your purse sitting on the seat with the window down and walk over to the other side to pump gas, it is very easy for someone to snatch your purse and take off with it

The way things are today, we must be vigilant. Personally I would like to think that every person is good, kind and wouldn’t even think of stealing a purse. But things being as they are, we need to be aware and “act as if.”

Here’s another thing that I see too often; people with backpacks. Usually, the backpack has a zipper facing out (and not against the person wearing it). It’s very easy for someone to unzip the backpack and take what they want.

I would love to think that all people are good, kind and well-intended—sadly, there loads of people who care only about themselves and their needs. I really don’t like to come off as an ‘I hate everybody’ kind of person; I’m just keeping my eyes open and being safe.

Stay safe and stay alert.


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