Getting the Face You Deserve

I posted yjod quite a while ago, but the message still stands.

No, I am not talking about face lifts. I’m talking about how our faces change as we experience new things, when big or small changes come into our lives, when we lose someone we love, when we get an “ah ha!” moment, when we age.

We all know people who age gracefully; even their silver hair and wrinkles do not distract from their beauty. Then there are those who still wear the clothes and makeup they wore in their teens and 20s.

I get a kick out of the makeup ads featuring young and beautiful girls; when you are that age, you can wear silver and gold eyeliner. You can line your unlined eyelids with black “cat eye” makeup, you can wear orange eye shadow, you can wear bright flame-red lipstick and look absolutely adorable.

But when our eyelids wrinkle and our eyebrows thin, when our neck gets crepe-y and our cheeks show tiny spider veins, it’s time to adjust our makeup and tone down. Trust me, less really IS more. If you’re not sure how to make the transition, go to any one of those wonderful places where you can get an expert opinion on what kind of makeup will work best for you.

As we change, so should our makeup and clothes. This doesn’t mean that we have to wear old lady clothes and makeup; it just means that it’s time to adjust to the times. Going to a professional is worth every penny. You will come out of there looking gorgeous and feeling beautiful. Of course doing all this doesn’t come cheap, but trust me; it’s worth it.



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