The Cats’ and Skunks’ Buffet

If you read my blogs every day (and big thanks if you do!), you know that the Crankee Yankee and I feed our resident stray cats every day. Of course, in the animal world, it got out that they can eat day and night at our house. Seriously, we have turned into the animal equivalent of the All You Can Eat Buffet.

In the evening, we can also expect visits from some of our local skunks and the odd raccoon here and there. They know they will get fed too. Just last night, two young skunks took turns eating out of the food bowl. Everything was going fine until one of them tipped over the bowl.

They squabbled for a few minutes (just imagine the skunks saying to one another; ‘don’t be so damn greedy!’). But they finally worked it out, ate up the spilled kibbles, and everyone toddled away, burping as they went.

I realize that not everyone is thrilled to have skunks and stray cats come by each evening, but, suckers that we are, we feed whatever critter shows up. They just know that we are soft-hearted idiots, but we’ve grown used to them. It’s sort of our hobby, and the “outdoor eaters” are used to us as well.

I already know what you’re thinking: “you people are SUCKERS!” Well, yes—yes, we are. But as feeding strays have become such a hobby for us, no “frequent eaters” are complaining. Yep, we own and operate the Cats and Skunks Buffet.


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