The Charms of Charms Bracelets

Does anyone remember charm bracelets? When I was in high school, it seemed as though every girl had one. Also it was a good deal for parents on birthdays and Christmas and so on; they gave us new charms to add to our bracelets.

How we girls loved our charm bracelets! Any spare money we had went to buying more charms. It was kind of a status symbol to wear your charm bracelet to school. Of course we all clinked and rattled all day long (which our teachers probably hated). If we went anywhere we always looked for stores that sold charms. I usually spent all my money from doing chores around the house to buy more charms. It truly was a “thing” back then.

And now, these days as I look at all 30 of the charms on my bracelet, it takes me back in time when they all meant so much. When my class went to Rome one year, I had charms from the Vatican, from Sorrento, from Portugal (a stop over on the way back to the US), from Ireland (another stop over), and a dear friend of mine who went to Innsbruck brought me back a charm from there as well.

Then there were the school charms, the hobby charms (guitar, typewriter, etc.) and so on. To this day when I look at them all, it takes me back to those innocent days. I often wonder if girls today are at all interested in charm bracelets—probably not, but you never know. For me, they are a happy remembrance of good times and innocence.


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