Let’s Not be Unkind to Ourselves

I am 69 years old, and with that age comes wrinkles, dark spots, sparse eyebrows (or, in my case, NO eyebrows; they just took off without even a ‘by your leave!’), achy joints and more gray hairs than you could ever have imagined. I used to be a runner and later on, a fast walker. These days I’m just glad to be able to plain old WALK. When I go up or down stairs, I vividly remember what my dad told me: “be careful to put your whole foot down on each stair. Do NOT hurry; be careful.”

Also, as I have mentioned before in my blogs, once you are in your 60s it is probably a really good idea to NOT put your butt over your head. However, when you’re still in the bed and if you have an achy back as I do, just lie on your back, pull your knees up with your hands and pull gently. I usually count to 28, then I let go of my knees, put my feet on the bed and sway my knees back and forth. I usually do this about 20-25 times. This too helps a cranky back to feel better.

Also, do not beat yourself up by thinking things like this: ‘oh, I used to be so limber,” and “I used to run instead of walk,” and “I look so old!” Nuts to that; we all age and that’s just how it goes. Besides, there is a wonderful feeling of freedom, being older. You don’t have to go to school anymore, you don’t have to run instead of walk, and you don’t have to excuse yourself for a damn thing.

We are not teenagers any more. We have lived through pain and trouble, we have lost parents and grandparents and friends; not to mention pets we have adored. We may no longer look in the mirror with self satisfaction at how young we look, but we can look at our older selves in the mirror and say, “Hey, good lookin’!” Believe it or not, saying this can make your day start wonderfully.

So, all that said, be kind to yourself. While we tend to mourn our young selves from time to time, we are who we are TODAY. You would be amazed at how just looking at yourself in the mirror and saying out loud; “hiya, gorgeous!” can change your mood. In fact, it sort of stays with you all day long. Also, trust me on this one; you would be astounded to know that many people (including friends) look at you with a bit of jealously because of the way you look.

There is nothing wrong with being kind to yourself. In fact, doing so will slowly but surely make you feel better about yourself. Make it a pleasant habit to look in your mirror at least once a day and say out loud (and the ‘out loud’ part is essential), “hiya, gorgeous!”

(Come on; just do it—I won’t tell.)



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