To Bitch or Not to Bitch

I think that everyone in America is getting pretty tired of the corona virus. I mean, who asked for it, anyway? No one; that’s who. It’s not only dangerous, but it has pretty poor manners as well. It’s just like a nosey neighbor who always looks for the worst in people, and gossips endlessly about them. You see them coming to your doorstep, and you try to hide from them; but too late—they’ve spotted you.

Then there is the whole stay-at-home thing. As much as we love our familes, there are bound to be cranky, crabby, down right bitchy days. It happens; we are all human. and we tend to get on each other’s last nerve from time to time.

Now, I am all for a good bitch now and then, but we need to remember how much we love the people who are suffering right along with us. That’s when a few good jokes can be life savers. As a matter of fact, the more lame, the better.

I know that we’ve heard this a bazillion times, but this two will pass. But it sure is dragging its feet; however, I have no doubt that there will soon be a pill or shot that will send that virus packing.

As I have been bitchy for years and years, I know how it goes: you get sick and tired of your family, your house, your car and so-on; and wish that some good fairy would send you off to Hawaii (or where ever you’d like). But remember, if we ourselves are sending constant clouds of bitchyness all through the house, it’s bound to make everyone cranky and crabby.

If it helps, here’s what I do to release the crankiness: 1) pick up your pillow and put it over your face and scream. 2) choose a few breakable things you’ve never liked anyway and get up in a high place and drop them on cement. True, you’ll have to pick up the mess, but at least you will be smiling. 3) Now this is my favorite: write down all the things that are driving you crazy and write them down on toilet paper. When you’re finished, flush them down the toilet. It’s amazing how much better you feel! (Trust me: I do this one A LOT!)

We’ll all get though this, I’m sure. But it will take some time. We just have to remember that those around us who are currently driving us nuts are our beloved families. Try to keep a few good (or bad) jokes to make everyone groan. As my uncle always said, “it couldn’t hurt.” Good luck to us all.

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