The Early Morning Breakfast Club

If you read my blog (and if you do, thank you!), you’ll know that the Crankee Yankee and I are owned by five house cats. Also, we feed the outdoor visitors as well; there are at least four “frequent flyer” cats who show up for breakfast and supper. And of course, we get the odd raccoon or skunk now and then as well. Ah well, as we always say: “come one, come all; we feed ’em all!”

While they know that they can expect food and water morning and evening, they are mostly shy and wait until I leave before they settle down to eat. No harm done; I don’t like people watching me while I eat either.

So once breakfast is served, I go back into the house so that they can all eat in peace. It’s pretty much the same each day; once the food is out, I wish them all well and go back inside for my first coffee of the day. It reminds me strongly of my late mother’s coffee klatch.

I suppose that at this time of my life I have truly become a crazy cat lady, but really, who cares? It makes me happy to know that, whether or not the “outdoorsies” are owned by anyone, the true strays know that they can count on breakfast and dinner.

Feeding the cats who are not my own is a pleasure. It’s a lot like filling up the birdseed in our feeder; the birds enjoy the seeds and we enjoy watching them. Who knows; they might have just come over after the ‘early bird special’ somewhere else; so what? They too are part of the early morning breakfast club.


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