They Are Still With Us

I saw this on Facebook yesterday, and when I stopped crying, I knew that I needed to tell the stories of our two beloved cats we lost this year, Tinker and Pookie.

Image may contain: text that says 'Y They still talk about you I know.'

Tinker went first; he had a heart attack (and yes, cats can have heart attacks) and died in our kitchen. Months later, Pookie woke us up meowing loudly. He had had heart issues for years, and we gave him meds every day for it. Our vet warned us that he would eventually die from it, and we knew that night that we were going to lose him. We rushed him to the 24/7 animal hospital. The people there who had diagnosed him years ago, knew he was going, so they gave him a sedative and brought him to us so that we could say goodbye. I hugged him and kissed him and told him how much we loved him.

Both cats died knowing that they were greatly loved. While my heart is still sore from their passing, I like to think that they check in on us now and then. We still talk about our two beloved boys and what joy they gave to our lives. However, I belive that our pets are very pragmatic about death; they know that they won’t live forever, and I believe that their sweet little spirits check in on us from time to time.

When we moved my dad into our home years ago, I was with him when he died peacefully. A day or two before, I’d asked him what he thought that Heaven would be like. His answer? “Love—just all love.” I believe that he is right. I think that it’s the same with our beloved pets; they know when it’s time for them to go. It’s as if they are telling us that “this body no longer serves me.” So then it is our sad but precious honor to let them go in peace and love; our arms around them and our words of love in their ears.

And in their sweet little feline ways, the cats who pass on seem to guide us to new cats who need a home and people to love them. They are clever, those cats!




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