Even Now the Good Things Matter

As we are living in a pandemic, we don’t know yet when there will be a cure for the corona virus. We have lost way too many people on this planet from the virus, and those in the know are working hard on making a cure for it. But while we wait and wear face masks and keep washing our hands, we need to remember the stuff that really matters. For me, that means keeping a list of the good things and working hard not to panic about the bad things.

Some of the good things (for me anyway) are simple but rewarding, such as:

  • smile as much as you can; it makes you feel good all over.
  • remember all the good things in your life.
  • remember the wonderful people who were in our lives, are in our lives, and will be in our lives.
  • count your blessings each day; it’s amazing how we take those things for granted.
  • hug all the people and animals as much as they’ll let you.
  • keep your eyes open for the good things.
  • indulge yourself now and then; one candy bar isn’t going to kill you.
  • when you look in the mirror, say “hello, gorgeous!”
  • help others as you can. It can be just as simple as holding a door open for the person behind you.
  • Find some good jokes and laugh your head off.
  • Remember those fabulous leather boots you bought on a whim? Wear them!
  • Sing while doing housework; believe me; it helps!
  • If someone cuts you off in traffic DO NOT FLIP THEM THE BIRD! Instead, think of them as having such severe diarrhea that they just have to get home before the worst happens. (If nothing else, it will make you laugh!)

And of course there are many more things that are good. Just keep thinking of the stuff in our lives that really matter. Also, laugh as long and loudly as you can. As my uncle used to say, “it couldn’t hurt.”


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