Oblivous to the Obvious

Even though we are in the corona virus pandemic, even though most of us are wearing masks when we go out in public, even though we are being careful to wash our hands—there are still people who are blantantly oblivious to the threat of the virus. There are even college students who have “corona parties.” Not surprising, many of those college students have died. In fact, one of them on his death bed said to his nurse, “I think I made a mistake.” Ya think?

We can’t be complacent about the virus; it is a killer. We oldsters remember having polio shots as kids. In fact, I remember us all getting those polio shots in school. No one questioned it; it was just what was done to keep us kids safe. But these days to keep ourselves safe means that we need to put a mask on if we are going to be in crowds of people. We also need to wash up and keep a social distance.

We cannot afford to be complacent about about this virus. Sure, it’s annoying. Sure, it’s a pain. But considering the alternative of dying from the virus, I’ll take the mask and social distancing any time. Sooner or later, there will be a vaccine for this. But in the mean time, let’s be awake and aware of the obvious. Masks on, everyone!


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