There’s NOTHING Wrong with Re-Reading or Re-Watching

I’m sure that many people feel the way I do; you love a particular book or movie and you could love reading it/watching it over and over again. I’ve always been that way, and even though I may know the book and movie inside and out, I still enjoy it. When I was living at home with my parents, I would walk to our library and load up with books for the week. Many times I took books I’d read several times. Those I would hide from my mother; she always thought it was a waste of time re-read a book she had already read.

Personally, I like some books and movies so much that I will gladly read and watch over and over again. I see no reason to stop either. After all, who cares? Besides, to my knowledge there are no book or movie police. Re-reading and re-watching are things some of us appreciate, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Sometimes I will be re-reading a book and see something in it that I missed before.  So there’s a reason right there to re-read. There are some movies I just love, and even though I can practically say all the lines as I know it so well.

So actually, what’s the harm in re-reading books and re-watching movies? Absolutely NOTHING. That’s why you often hear the phrase “to each his own.”

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