Television Manners

Why oh why is it that men feel that they can just pick up the TV remote and change the channel we were looking at? Is it really that hard to say, “do you mind if I change the channel?” At least we would have a moment to say, ‘actually, I was watching that; do you mind?’

I am a person who enjoys movies that I have seen before. I don’t see a thing wrong with that, either. Some of us like to revisit movies, some just think it’s a waste of time. Same with books; I have often re-read many books. And by the way, how is it anyone’s business about watching a movie you’ve seen before and/or re-reading a book? How does that bother the other person in any way?

But changing the channel without so much as a ‘by your leave’ is just plain rude. Just saying. A little common sense, i.e.: “oh, I see that <insert other person’s name here> is watching something on TV. Personally I’m not interested in it, but perhaps he/she wouldn’t mind if I changed the channel. I’ll just ask.” How hard is that?

Changing the channel without asking is just as rude as walking by someone’s table in a restaurant and picking up something from the person’s plate and eating it. Perhaps we should wear a sign (and a big one, too!) that says “I’m watching this, and yes, I DO mind if you switch the channel.”

Word to the wise; speak before you change channels. Just saying…

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