The First Cucumber

Our garden is literally bursting with produce; this morning we found the first good-sized cucumber. Also the tomatoes (green, for right now) are coming along like crazy. So too are the green peppers. We also planted corn, and so far the stalks are already taller than we are. I never thought I would enjoy gardening, but the Crankee Yankee makes it fun. Of course, we have the occasional skunk showing up now and then, but he doesn’t bother us if we don’t bother him.

The Crankee Yankee’s mom used to have an incredible garden in the back yard, just like my grandmother and her garden. It always amazes me that you can plant a tiny seed, cover it up with dirt and, in what seems like no time, you have honest to goodness eatable produce!

A lot of people go by our house, and many of them stop to chat about the garden. A few years back there was a gal who was so taken with the garden that she planted her own. To this day she is still enjoying her own garden.

When the time comes that everything is ready to pick, it’s a pure joy to fill up a basket with produce. Sometimes we have so much that we put out a big bowl of produce with a couple of plastic bags underneath, and a sign saying “help yourself!”

Quite frankly, I never knew that having a garden could be so much fun. Especially during these times, it’s wonderful to have our own produce. Now if only we could plant avocadoes!


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