Finding Peace in the Middle of It All

Unless you don’t own a TV, a computer, a phone, and have no neighbors or family, you are painfully aware of the corona virus and how it has affected the entire planet. Although folks are hard at work developing an antidote, it is still being a gynormous pain in the hinder.

Along with that, so many people have lost their jobs, can’t pay the rent, and so on. Many companies, restaurants and so on are shut down until further notice. It’s a nightmare, and we are right in the middle of it. Way too many lives have been lost, and saddest of all, too many have died without the comfort of a hand to hold.

All that said, there are still some good things in the middle of all this. Families have become closer, home has become a haven to be cherished, moms and dads have taught their kids how to make meals, play games and most of all; listen to each other. Before the pandemic, every one was in “hurry-hurry, go-go-GO!” mode. Now we don’t need to be that way. Now we have the time to enjoy each other.

Finding peace in the middle of what we are all going through isn’t easy, but it can be done. Those of us who still have and cherish photo albums (long before cell phones and so on), get them out and go through them again. Many loving memories are in those albums, and now there is the time to enjoy them all over again.

I have no doubt that we will be seeing the right antidote for this virus sooner than later. But what I hope for most of all is that we enjoy the time we have with family and friends. When this is all over, we will be saying to our grandchildren how we got through it all, and how much closer we became together.

There IS peace to be found in the middle of it all.


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