We Are the Crazy Cat People

If you’ve read my blog (and many thanks if you do), you know that the Crankee Yankee and I are owned by five indoor cats; Nala, Plumpy, Bailey, Scooter and Jules. They have all come to us in different ways, and on the whole, they get along fairly well. They each have their own food bowls, and fresh water all day long. During the day, they get snacks too. And they all enjoy the two big baskets of toys in the living room. They are absolutely spoiled rotten.

And then there are the “outdoorsies,” the strays who come by for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have two outdoor semi-shelters where we leave food and water for them all. Some may belong to neighbors, but we feed them all just the same.

Of course, we often get squirrels, birds and the occasional raccoon or two who enjoy the cats’ food as well. But hey; we don’t discriminate—our motto is “come one, come all; we feed ’em all!” Of course it’s easy in this warm weather to leave food and water out; during the cold weather it’s another story. That’s when we fill cardboard boxes with thick blankets in the garage as well as food and water. We even have “barn bowls” for cold weather; they have long cords you can plug into a socket to keep the water from freezing.

Call us crazy, but this is something we love to do. I like to think that some of our “frequent eaters” may be strays who now know that they can depend on food, water and shelter. We’ve even adopted a few of those over the years as well. Well, our cats are family, and don’t they know it. And we certainly are the crazy cat people.


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