Garden Stories

We have had blazing hot weather for over a week, and now that it’s cooled off some, we’ve noticed that our tomatoes, peppers, corn and cukes have benefited greatly. The tomatoes are still tiny, but they’ll be coming along soon. So far the critters haven’t bothered them, but as always there are slugs (yuck).

To give the cukes a leg up, the Crankee Yankee has gently strung them up with string so that they will cling to the fencing; works every time. The peppers are coming along well, and, in the sunniest plot, the corn is growing fast. The tomatoes are always the first to show up; the big show-offs.

There’s something soothing and comforting (and sort of zen-like) about having a garden. Once the produce starts coming along, we always find that we can’t possibly eat it all. So we put out a few baskets with a sign saying: “fresh produce; help yourself! (But please don’t take our baskets.)”

Whenever I am in the garden, plucking out the grubs and encouraging the worms to do their thing, I remember the gardens that my grandmother and my mother had. It was wonderful to get out in the early morning to pick what was ready, and know that it would be part of our dinner later on.

It always amazes me that one tiny seed can develop into something as delicious as a sun-warmed tomato. If you’ve never gardened before, give it a try. It isn’t that hard, and you won’t be paying for produce from the store.

Now, if only we could grow avocadoes…


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