Doing the Right Thing

I don’t know about you, but I am amazed and chagrined to see so many people refusing to wear a mask these days. I’ll admit that I don’t always watch the news, but I sure am on board about wearing a mask outside or in crowded places. I am appalled to hear that so many people are carping about how they are “losing their rights” by being told to wear masks.

I have to wonder; would they be happier not wearing them but dying off like crazy? I mean, if you are suicidal and you want to die, then by all means don’t wear a mask. As Americans we do have certain rights and privileges, but wearing a mask these days can actually save your life.

The way things are is our current “normal.” It’s not a whole load of fun, but there it is and we can certainly adapt. Let’s face it; this “new normal” is just how things are right now. I have no doubt that someone somewhere will come up with the right drug to kill off the virus. But until that day comes, let’s be smart and wear a mask.

Personally I am sickened to see statues being torn down, riots going on, police being attacked when they are trying to do their jobs to keep people safe. While there is a lot wrong going on now, there still is a lot of good going on. There are young kids who are doing nice things in their neighborhoods. There is kindness where there used to be hatred. There are volunteers who help others who need help. There are doctors and nurses who are doing their almighty best to help those who are suffereing from the corona virus.

Imagine having a loved one in the hospital, knowing that they can’t go in there and hold their loved one’s hand. But there are doctors and nurses who are doing all they can to comfort those who are sick and those who are dying. But the some of the doctors and nurses, as busy as their are, take the time to sit down and hold the hand of that someone who is dying.

This situation is scary as hell, and wearing masks these days is the new normal. Granted, it’s not a load of fun to wear a mask wherever there are people around, but just speaking for myself, I’d rather wear a mask than die. Please, let’s all do the right things; wear a mask if you go outside or in a crowded place, wash your hands often, and have a little compassion. Believe it or not, this too will pass. And when it does, let’s not forget that things like this can happen again.

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