Adapting to It All

As we all are now used to wearing masks around people and keeping social distances, we almost can’t remember how things were before the pandemic. So many of us had to shelter in place, leave their jobs, take their kids out of school and so on. Our way of life has changed greatly.

But with great change comes great learning. Of course things are not what they used to be for now, but we can and do adapt. Kids are not in school, parents are home and we can’t go visit our loved ones in hospitals.

However, there is a bright side to all of this. So many parents are out of work, and their kids are at home. As frustrating as this can be, some good has come from being together. Parents now have the time to teach kids how to make meals, bake, cook, take care of the house, change a tire, play games and so on; these are valuable life lessons.

These times are rocky and uncertain, but this doesn’t mean that we have lost our country or our values. Many of us remember hard times and how we got through them. I’m sure that in plenty of households parents are telling their children about the “olden days” where there was no TV, no internet, no cell phones, and so on. When children asked what they did to pass the time, they now know about playing games together, reading books and/or reading to each other, telling stories and becoming closer.

Even something as scary as this pandemic, there is always something to be learned. As years pass and the pandemic is over, many of us; especially children, will say in years to come how we survived the pandemic and made the most of it.



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