69 Years Old Today; Oy Veh!

I woke up this morning and realized that I am 69 years old—

So where does that leave me; am I going to mold?

Time flies by before you know it:

You’re a baby, a child, a teenager, a young woman, an old woman, too–

Who would believe life would go so fast with yet so much to do?

And where in the hell did those damned wrinkles show up

When did I become an old dog from a pup?

But 69 is a milestone indeed,

Thankfully I can still walk, run and read—

Time, it goes by

And Time doesn’t stop—

It gives you backaches and bad knees

What’s next; an invasion of fleas?!

Bette Davis said it right: old age ain’t for sissies—

So let there be shaky knees and attitudes pissy,

At least I’m still here, telling bad jokes and writing bad verse

Just remember this; it couldn’t be worse

At least I’m not yet lying in a hearse!



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