Finding Out Who You Really Are

Just speaking for myself, growing up wasn’t always easy. You start out as a baby, then grow into a child, then a teenager, then an adult. You go to school, make friends, learn to love some of your classes and hate some of the others. You may or may not love sports, you may be a solitary reader, you may make loads of friends or only have one or two really good ones.

You may look at other kids and be jealous that they are popular where you may not be. You look enviously at the popular girls who became cheer leaders; they are cute, thin and popular; you are none of those things. In fact, you are awkward, unpopular, and you don’t seem to fit in anywhere.

You quickly learn that trying to fit in with the “in” kids doesn’t work; they can spot a loser in a hot second. You try being the funny person, but your jokes fall flat. You try talking to one of the “in” crowd girls; they want nothing to do with you. Then there are boys; the only boys who pay any attention to you are the male outcasts.

It took me years to finally understand that I was all right just being ME. Once I stopped trying to be someone I wasn’t, I realized that I was ok just as I was. And truly, we are ALL meant to be our own selves; it has nothing to do with popularity, wealth or fame.

In high school, there was musical theatre, and I finally found where I belonged. Our school did one musical per year, and people like me realized that we truly found our place in the sun. Being the show-off that I was, I always tried out for lead roles. Sometimes I got them, sometimes I didn’t. But it was all wonderful, and it made me feel that I had finally found the place where I belonged.

It’s a wonderful thing to realize that you are just fine as you are. You might be great at sports, you might be a terrific writer, you might have A’s in every class, or you may be fabulous in musical theatre; you finally have found what you are really good at.

This becomes the path in your life that determines who you are and what you can be. You finally realize that you are ok as you are and you don’t have to be like anyone else. Never feel that what you’re good at doesn’t matter; it means EVERYTHING. Also you may never know that people may be envious of you simply because you ARE you.

Just be YOU; there is no one on this earth like you.

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