It’s Ok to be Kind to Yourself

Most of us enjoy being givers; it’s wonderful to make someone you care for happy. But it’s perfectly ok to be kind to yourself and give to yourself. So many of us give to others at such a point that we find we can’t be as kind to ourselves as we are with others. As wonderful as it is to light up someone’s day, we also deserve some kindness.

I used to know a woman who gave to many good causes. If she read about someone or some organization that needed help, she was on it like a duck on a june bug. If she knew someone who was out of work, she would be the first one at their door with a cake and a comforting smile.

However, when she herself was in need, she refused to accept anything from anybody. She felt that others more “worthy” than herself needed the help. She was a good and decent person, but she had a hard time accepting kindness and help.

It really is ok to be kind to yourself. You are worthy of it, and you’d be amazed at how much better you feel when you treat yourself to a bit of kindness. If you buy yourself those beautiful teal sandals that you’ve been drooling for, it hurts no one.

Please remember this: YOU matter. YOU are worthy. YOU deserve kindness.


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