How to Avoid Trouble

It’s a sad commentary these days that people have had their purses and wallets stolen in supermarkets, walking down the street, boarding an airplane and so on. However, you can avoid this sort of thing by playing it smart:

  • Backpacks: usually they have zippers on them; if you have a backpack on your back (where zippers are facing out) you would never know if someone behind you unzipped your backpack and took something out of it.
  • Purses: Ladies, do NOT leave your purse on the shopping cart, even if you are merely walking over to pick up a carton of eggs. Either keep the purse in your cart and stay with the cart, or sling your purse over your shoulder if you leave your cart.
  • Back pockets: it’s amazing how some people don’t feel their wallet slowly slipping out of their back pocket. Keep your wallet in sight or put it in a front pocket or in your purse.
  • Gassing up your vehicle: put your car keys in your pocket and lock all doors. It is incredibly easy for someone to open your side door and grab your purse or wallet while you are filling your gas tank. Play it safe and lock it up; and of course put your keys in your pocket.
  • Leaving your vehicle unlocked while going into a store for “just a minute:” I don’t care if you take five seconds; your vehicle and everything in it is as risk. Lock up no matter what.
  • Walking or jogging alone: ALWAYS take your phone with you. ALWAYS have something with you to defend yourself (pepper spray to the eyes is great). ALWAYS let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back home. DO NOT wear head phones; you may think that you can hear what or who ever is around you, but if you are listening to your music you are not paying attention about who may be around you.
  • Don’t fall for someone asking you to come to their car window to ask a question: ALWAYS keep your distance. ALWAYS take a good look at who is in the car. DO NOT fall for the old “I lost my dog, can you help me find him?” Forget manners; RUN AWAY.
  • And finally: Leaving your pet or child in the car on a blazing hot day: it doesn’t take much time for the heat to harm (and possibly kill) your pet or child. Take the time to go home and put your pet back in your house. Take your child with you into the store.

I truly don’t mean to scare anyone; just be aware always if you are out alone. Let someone know that you are out jogging/walking and when you expect you’ll be back. When you get home, call that someone and let them know that you are safe at home. If you are walking/running on a street with your headphones on, grooving to the music, be aware of who and what is around you. It doesn’t take much time for someone to stop, grab you and pull you into the vehicle.


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