Pets Don’t Judge Us

If you have a pet, or as I like to say; if you are owned by a pet, then you know the constant love they give us. Our pets don’t judge us, they don’t give you snarky comments on your outfits, they don’t roll their eyes when you do something dumb; pets just love us for who we are. Of course, they rely on us for food, water, vet care, love, toys and soft places for them to sleep (usually on or in our beds). Pets love us for who we are.

The Crankee Yankee and I are currently owned by five house cats, our newest being Julian, or “Jules” as we call him. If you read my blog regularly, then you know that this year we lost our big yellow boy, Tinker (heart attack) and our sweet all-black boy, Pookie (long time heart issues; lots of meds). While we miss them dearly, we know that we gave them both the best lives possible.

Jules was an outdoor kitty, and the Crankee Yankee found the owner; a young girl living with her mother. Before we knew his history, we fed and sheltered him all through the winter and spring. We became very fond of him, and were worried about him crossing the streets and so on. It turns out that Jules has two litter mates, who also are indoor/outdoor. We see them occasionally and, as we feed, water and shelter any and all cats, they often come by for a bite and a drink.

The young girl asked us if we wanted to adopt Julian, and we did. It turns out that the only vet care he had was that he had been neutered and had had a rabies shot when he was quite young. So we took him to our vet for a checkup. Of course Jules wasn’t crazy about that, but at least we now know that he is healthy, happy and enjoys being an indoor cat now. He and our other four cats have worked out their differences, and, except for the occasional growling match, they all seem to be adjusting.

It’s funny how pets weave into our lives, and each and every one has their own personality. Our regular kitties have already gotten used to Jules; with of course the occasional minor dust-up. But they seem to sort things out by themselves. Our pets depend on us for food, water, shelter, love and good care. They know that they are loved, and they just take us as we are. No judgement there!

Wouldn’t it be something if we humans could be the same way?


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