Why Hang on to Hate?

Well, as you know from the popular song with, “haters gonna hate” in it, there is a whole lot of hatred going on these days. Believe me, I get that there is a lot that needs to be changed for the better, but hanging on to hate is like eating a bad meal that makes you sick 24/7.

Yes, there is a lot wrong in our country right now, and I don’t pretend to have an answer as to how to fix it. If you read my blog on a daily basis, you know that I don’t talk politics on it. I have my own views, but I have learned the hard way that arguing politics can often hurt family and friends.

As I’ve said before about my mother, who loved her friends deeply; if during their coffee get-together in the mornings, someone started bringing up politics, she would say loudly “no politics or I’m leaving!” As she was pretty much the queen bee in her circle, her friends would always drop the subject.

I’d like to think that sometime soon we can let go of hurt and hate. I’d like to see (and hear) more positivity and more working together instead of fighting with each other. I get it that not everything in this country is right, but there are still plenty of people who are doing good and positive things.

Of course black lives matter; all people; whether black, white, pink or purple—all lives matter. I’ll admit that I don’t know everything about everything, but I do know this: tearing down statues and flags of the confederacy is not doing anyone any good. Like it or not, they are part of our history. Reading and knowing our history is important so that we don’t make the same mistakes of the past.

I certainly don’t have an answer that would fix all of what’s happening now; I wish I did. All I know is that hanging on to hate makes us sick and scared. Who wants to live like that? No one person can change what is currently happening, but my fervent hope is that we think before we speak, that we don’t give in to fear and hate, and that we remember our history. Knowing our mistakes of the past should (and hopefully will) make us make sure that we never make those same mistakes again. Let’s hope.

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