A Kitchen Island

The Crankee Yankee is the handiest person I know. As he was a carpenter for many years and had his own busness, he knows what he’s doing. Case in point, we decided that having a kitchen island would be a great idea since we never seem to have enough space in our kitchen. So we looked at all kinds of kitchen islands, and boy, were they pricey!

Then the Crankee Yankee went to good old Odd Lots and found what we were looking for. It was plain, simple, small and with enough space to handle our frying pans and such. Thinking it over, the Crankee Yankee decided to buy two of them instead of one. His plan was to put them together.

So last evening he put together most of the first one; today he will finish it off and do the same with the other one and “marry” them together. Not only is this extremely handy, but it actually doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. There is room for some of our frying pans and deep metal bowls. The top drawer handles silverware and doodads such as knives and one use only stuff. And it’s on wheels which makes it so much easier.

It also helped that it has a wooden top instead of granite or glass or quartz. After all, we just need it to chop, peel, etc. We wanted practical, not fancy. Of course, the cats are fascinated by it and will probably want to sleep on its bottom shelf. (Truly, they think that everything in the house belongs to them.)

By the time the Crankee Yankee “macgyvers” it all up, it will work great for us. Oh yes and by the way, our big cat, Plumpy, slept on the bottom shelf all night. How soon they make everything their own!



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