The Free Table is Back Again!

Every summer, the Crankee Yankee and I set up a free table of stuff that we can’t or don’t want to use. Case in point: my mom was nuts for all kinds of kitchen doo-dads; she had them all. We either don’t use them or we have exactly what we like to use. So all of that goes on the free table. There are other things as well; so many that I wonder why in the world we didn’t just do this earlier.

Along with all that are books I’ve read to death. The Crankee Yankee goes through his tools and ones he no longer uses go right on the free table. It’s funny how people will stop by and ask us if the stuff on the table is really free. We just smile and tell them yes, all items on the table are free and help yourself.

It’s an odd feeling, going through your late parents’ stuff. You remember how they came to own it, how they liked it and so on. But many times the things they liked are not always things that we like. Getting rid of your families things are a little wrenching; you remember your family using this or that, cherishing this set of plates, buying fancy glasses for drinks and so on.

But when they are gone, they certainly don’t give a hoot what you do with their stuff. So we keep what we like, we give away to family and friends and then we just chuck it all on the free table. After years of doing this, it makes me happy to see someone pick up something that they like. Now that thing will be part of their family.

My grandmother had a lovely tea set that came from her family. It wasn’t solid silver, but it looked nice. Of course we had no use for it, so on the free table it went. Someone picked it up and I hope that they enjoy it.

Here’s my take on the things we are left with when our parents and grandparents pass on: they are only that; things. If we love them, keep them and enjoy them, that’s great. We can leave them to our families and friends, sell them or just pass them on to someone who loves them. Or like us, you can put them on a free table for others to enjoy.

So if you happen to drive by our house and see our free table, please help yourself.


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