Smoked Turkey in June

Yesterday the Crankee Yankee roasted an enormous turkey (resurrected from our freezer) in his backyard BBQ pit. All day long it smoked and sizzled and the scent of turkey was everywhere. My contribution was the stuffing. It took all day, and when we got the bird in the kitchen, there was a lot of chopping and picking to do.

Any bones and gizzards and such are boiled for soup (which I’ll get to today), and all the meat has been stripped and bagged. Even though we are in June, there is still something “Thanksgiving-y” about roasted turkey, no matter the month.

As I was raised in a family where you never tossed anything away that could be used, I always make a decent soup out of the bones and skin. (All you need to do is dump the bones and skin into a pot and cover with water, then boil it down.) Once the bones and skin have given their all to the soup, I toss those out, and then put aside some of the turkey to chop into small pieces that will go into the soup.

I grew up where throwing out turkey bones and skin was a “kitchen crime.” The bones and skin make a wonderful soup and when you remove the bones and skin, you can add chopped vegetables (I prefer celery, carrots and onions myself) into the turkey broth as well as some of the chopped turkey. Now you’ll have a soup that makes a great meal, even in the summer time.

Of course, our cats were aware that something delicious was afoot, so we made sure that they all got a decent piece of turkey. Although we are far away from Thanksgiving, it’s fun to roast a turkey just for the heck of it. Personally I think that the Crankee Yankee just really wanted to try out his new BBQ pit; misson accomplished. There’s no law against having turkey in June!



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