Well, DUH!

The Crankee Yankee and I have a large freezer downstairs in our basement. Last summer we had an over-abundance of tomatoes and green peppers as well as several containers of homemade spaghetti sauce (from said tomatoes and green peppers). There were other items as well, including a huge turkey. So yesterday the Crankee Yankee liberated the turkey to be roasted in our barbecue pit in the back yard.

That said, I decided to do something about the often neglected stuff in the refrigerator. I’m sure that we are not the first people to fish out something in a container, open it up to find an alien life form (i.e., mold). So after pitching the crappy stuff out, I began labeling the containers of the still-good food. If there is a label on an item that we bought on, say; June 7, then I know that if I open it on June 17th that it is still good to eat. (Please note that I don’t always do this, but should. You know how that goes; shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Now you’d think that that would take care of finding moldy stuff in said refrigerator. But no—too often one of us (or both of us) just shoves stuff aside or sticks it way back out of the way. It seems we never learn and are always dragging out stuff that should have/could have been eaten. It looks like we are going to have shine up our last New Year’s resolutions to label and date whatever we put in the ‘fridge.

Wish us well; we mean well but we often fall short; insert wistful sigh here.

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