Virtual Fun

Yesterday the Crankee Yankee’s wonderful daughter face-timed us to chit-chat, which is always fun. Then we went into virtual charades, which was hilarious. Our two grand girls, Ava and Juliette, stole the show of course. They enjoyed showing us how long their hair is now; Juliette is thrilled to finally have long enough hair for a pony tail.

Even though the girls miss their school and their dance lessons, their very smart parents are teaching them creative ways to occupy their time. And as they live on a farm, the girls have chores to do, which they love. What kid wouldn’t love seeing sheep, goats, yaks (yup, yaks), chickens and geese and ducks every day?

It’s pretty amazing what we can do when the “old normal” is no more. In our neck of the woods we are seeing more and more families and friends engaging with each other. Perhaps this is one of the better lessons from the corona virus; that we love and treasure each other more and more.

Sooner or later, life will go back to what we called ‘normal’ again. Perhaps we will be more tolerant and kind to each other. I am hoping for more smiles and waves as we sit on our porch having coffee in the morning. More families in our neighborhood are riding their bikes more, jogging, walking their dogs and so on.

When this is all over, we will have learned some valuable lessons. We will have learned that our families and friends are true treasures. We will understand that we don’t always have to rush around; that we can take a breath and just enjoy our lives. We will perhaps be filled with gratitude and not hate. We will realize that all lives matter, no matter of the color of our skin.

Most of all, we can manage our lives around the current virus; that it doesn’t need to take up all our time and energy. We can plant gardens, we can play with our children, we can walk the dog and pet the cat. We can read books and watch something funny on TV, we can play games (by the way, if you’ve never played Scrabble, you won’t believe how much fun it is!), and we can learn a few things we’ve never tried before; cooking, baking, and so on. We can smile and wave as people drive by, and see them smile back.

Fun is fun no matter if you are online or in person. It truly is up to us to make the most of this time with family and friends. This time in our lives can actually be a blessing in disguise. As things are slowly coming back to normal, let’s not forget this lesson.




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