What Grief Teaches Us

When we lose someone we love, be it moms, dads, grandparents, friends, children, pets; we grieve for their loss and for the empty place in our hearts. It feels as though we will never laugh or smile again. Every little thing makes us painfully aware that the one we loved and lost will hurt us forever.

Grief hurts and we deal with it as best we can. I have had the privilege of being with my grandfather, my dad and my mother-in-law when they passed. I have taken dearly loved cats to the vet to release them from their pain. The one thing that stands out is that each one of these precious souls went gladly and painlessly. I have whispered in the ears of our cats when they are ready to go so that the last thing they hear is love.

Grief is part of life just like birth is; we all go through it with parents, friends, pets and so on. I once met an animal behaviorist who told me how our pets know they are ready to go. If they could speak to us, they would tell us this: “this body no longer serves me.” Knowing that takes a good deal of pain away from us who love them so dearly.

Would that we humans could look at death in the same way! It is a passage, and we won’t know where it leads us until we are there. My personal feeling is that when we die, we go back to our original spirit bodies. I am sure that each and every person and pet we loved will be there waiting for us, too.

Most of all, I feel that death is not the boogyman we feared was not that at all. I completely agree to what my dad said when I asked him what he thought Heaven would be. His answer was this: “I believe it’s love, all love.” I’ll bet he was right, too.


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