R.I.P. Pookie

This morning we lost our sweet black cat, Pookie. A few years ago we found out that he had a heart condition and we kept a close eye on it. I gave him his meds each day, much to his displeasure. We were told that eventually it would catch up to him, and this morning it did.

Ever since I brought him from one of our local animal shelters he was my favorite. I just couldn’t help loving him a bit more than the others.

Long and sad story short, we brought him to our local animal hospital this morning and they kindly and humanely put him out of his suffering.

We know that our beloved pets must eventually leave us, and this morning my darling Pookie left, his pain over. He knew that he was loved and he had a good life with us. While my heart is breaking this morning, I know that he isn’t suffering any more. I believe with all my heart that, when we go to Heaven, our pets are there as well.

Sleep well my darling, darling boy.

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