When Old is New Again

Back when I was a child, during the summer my mom and dad and I would often drive over to Alton Bay for fried clams. I wasn’t nuts about fried clams at the time, so I would always get a hamburger. I don’t even remember if the place had indoor seating; we always ate in the car. It was fun to look around at all the other people doing the same thing.

Now that most restaurants are still closed, people are doing the exact same thing we did years ago; they either eat in their vehicles or at tables and chairs that the restaurants put out. Funny; what once was old is new again.

But think about it; eating in the car or on outside tables and chairs is actually kind of fun. For those of us who grew up in the 50s it’s kind of a nice change. Instead of being inside a restaurant where everyone is talking, babies are crying and children are shouting and punching each other; being outside or in the car is not only peaceful, but it’s a nice way to be together.

Oh, one of these days things we will go back to normal, but for the time being, sitting and eating with family outside or in the vehicle is kind of fun. Perhaps this is a time when we can talk with each other, ask questions, sing songs, tell jokes—and the list can go on and on. It’s a time to not only re-evaluate but also to “re-appreciate” each other. Meals can be made and eaten without cell phones on the table; families can talk with each other, tell corny jokes and so on.

Considering how things are for the moment, a little old-fashioned picnic together is not only fun, but a great way to actually communicate with each other. Who knows; it could become the new normal; that families eat together and talk with each other with NO devices at the table. Wonder of wonders, we may even get to know each other better!

As my mother used to say about many things; “how bad could that be?”

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